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Finance & Investment Committee 2016

Chairperson: Todd Lands, Treasurer, The Charles Reinhart Company
Vice Chair: Jack Brown, Treasurer-Elect, Howard Hanna
Director Liaison: Todd Lands, Treasurer, The Charles Reinhart Company
Staff Liaison: Doug Swartz

Goals of the Finance Committee:
1. Review financial statements and cash receipts & disbursements on a quarterly basis, noting budget variances.
2. Review annual budget as prepared by staff and make recommendations for final budget amounts to the Board of Directors.
3. Review capital expenditure budget as prepared by staff and make recommendations for final amount to the Board of Directors.
4. Monitor operational cash reserves on a quarterly basis and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, as necessary, concerning replenishing shortages and investing excess reserves.

Goals of the Investment Committee:
1. Review the previous year's investment results with the Board's investment representative.
2. Receive and review quarterly investment reports.
3. Review the Board's investment strategy and investment guidelines and make investment recommendations to the Board of Directors.
4. Review the current year's investment results in the third quarter.

The Investment Committee consists of the Finance Committee members, Executive Officer and Director of Finance and Administration.

President-Elect is required to attend all Finance Committee meetings.

President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect serves on committee per policy.

President-Elect serves a one year term. One member is appointed from the MLS committee and serves a one year term. All other appointments to this committee are for a term of two years.

Nancy Merdzinski and Doug Swartz are continuing members of the Investment Committee.

Name Position Phone
Todd Lands, Treasurer - Charles Reinhart Company Chair, Director Liaison 734-429-9449
Jack Brown, Treasurer-Elect - Howard Hanna Vice Chair 734-761-6600
Chrissie George, MLS Committee Chair - Trillium Real Estate MLS Committee Representative 734-302-3011
Betsy Blackmon - Real Estate One 734-662-8600
Scott Broshar - Absolute Title 734-662-1050
Susan Heren - Ann Arbor Mortgage Company 734-669-5880
Tonya Ireland - Real Estate One 734-662-8600
Barry Kenyon - Real Estate One 734-662-8600
Dennis Longo - Premier Choice Realty 734-961-6600
David McNamara - Foxway Realty LLC 734-478-6061
Matt Miller, President - Charles Reinhart Company 734-665-0300
Tim Powell - Charles Reinhart Company 734-665-0300
Ed Ridha - The Charles Reinhart Co. 734-971-6070
Jeff Stabnau - Real Estate One 734-662-8600
Diana Watches - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 734-747-7500
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