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AAABoR Continuing Education

The AAABoR will be offering a 6 hour continuing education course that includes 2 hours of required legal update on October 21, 2013.

Instructor: Namir George, Michigan Institute of Real Estate

Cost: $55 members/$85 non-members

Sponsord by: Jeremy Reisig, Cutco Closing Gifts

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Class format:

Tax Reform in Michigan
Personal Property Tax Reform
Income Tax Reform
PUBLIC ACT 114 OF 2012
Principal Residence New Affidavit Deadlines
Foreclosure Entity Conditional Rescission
Seller Financing - Due On Sale Issues
Property Tax Appeals Procedure
Mortgage Fraud Legislation in Michigan
Nonrecourse Mortgage Loan Act, PA 67 Of 2012

Michigan Fair Housing Update
Michigan Department of Civil Rights Report
Michigan Department of Civil Rights Enforcement Actions
Federal Fair Housing Update
FBI investigations
HUD and Department of Justice Enforcement Actions
Sex discrimination/ Harassments
Design and Construction
Insurance discrimination
Fair Landing Enforcement
Department of Justice Investigations and Actions

Chapter 3 - Real Estate Fraud and Identity Theft
Nature of identity theft
How does it affect professionals and investors?
How & what thieves use to steal an identity?
Indications that your identity was stolen
Possible action taken by the victim of stolen identity
Effect on the professional & investor reputation & credit
Avoiding Identity Theft
Property theft
Purchasing property &/or receiving mortgages in the victim's name
Stealing identity of real estate professionals
Avoiding Identity Theft in Real Estate Transactions
FBI Reports
Identity Theft Reports

Chapter 4 - Mortgage Fraud Update
FBI Investigations and Enforcement
Department of Justice Action
Real Estate Firms
Title Companies
Foreclosure Rescue Companies
Robo -Signing Actions and Enforcements
First National Mortgage Settlement
The Michigan Homeowner Protection Fund
Michigan Attorney General Investigations and Enforcement Action

Chapter 5 - Real Estate Related Court Cases
Property Taxes
Subdivision Covenants
Responsibility for client's safety
Real Estate Transfer Tax Exemption
Federal "Do Not Call" Law
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
Fair Housing Act
Agent's Disclosure of Facts
Liability for Non-Disclosure




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