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Mediation & Arbitration Services

Each year in Michigan, tens of thousands of real estate transactions take place. Occasionally disputes develop over these business transactions. Over the years, a number of efficient, voluntary procedures to resolve these disputes privately, promptly and economically have developed.

Advantages to Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • It solves problems, rather than simply deciding the dispute.
  • It resolves disputes quickly, usually within weeks, rather than years.
  • It prevents future conflicts, as well as resolving present ones.
  • It emphasizes constructive relationships, rather than adversarial positions.
  • Customer relationships survive, so goodwill and potential referrals are preserved.
  • It allows parties to negotiate based on their interest, to understand their own needs, and decide what they are willing or not willing to concede.
  • It is confidential, not a public proceeding or a matter of public record.
  • It allows those most familiar with the problem, the disputing parties, to create the solution, which ensures that the solution will work.

Arbitration Request Form

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