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Monthly passwords are sent via email to AAABoR members to guest-access both the Greater Lansing Association of REALTORS® MLS and the Michigan Regional Information Center MLS.

GLAR (Greater Lansing Association)https://www.flexmls.com

MichRIC (Michigan Regional Information Center-was SWMRIC): http://swmric.com

NGLRMLS (Northern Great Lakes REALTORS MLS): https://nglrmls.paragonrels.com/ParagonLS/Home/Default.mvc/Login



MLS Compensation Codes

The Compensation is entered in the Compensation Code fields of BB (Buyer's Broker), SU (SubAgent), and/or TR (Transaction Coordinator).

Percentage (P): The first digit being the full percentage point and the second digit being the partial percentage (no decimal is used). The "P" represents percent.

• P30 (3% offered)

In the event there is a DUAL commission split the two digits would be followed by a letter code:

C = 100 (means above $100,000)

E = 200 (means above $200,000)

F = 300 (means above $300,000)

G = 400 (means above $400,000)

H = 500 (means above $500,000)

I = 600 (means above $600,000)

J = 700 (means above $700,000)

K = 800 (means above $800,000)

L = 900 (means above $900,000)

M = 1000 (means above $1,000,000)

• P35C25 (3.5% offered on the first 100K, 2.5% offered after $100,000)

Dollar (D): If a set dollar figure is offered instead of percentage, use the "D" to represent the dollar figure being offered as commission.

• D2000 ($2000 offered)

Bonus to Selling Broker:

When offering a selling bonus to a selling broker, the listing broker must specify the terms of the bonus offer according to the following guideline code: B dollar amount/terms/expiration date of offer (if applies)

• B1000/APT/010113 ($1000 Bonus on Accepted Price & Terms Offer Good until January 1, 2013)
• B1000/FPT/010113 ($1000 Bonus on Full Price & Terms Offer Good until January 1, 2013)

Bonus information may be placed in "Other" field.

Using Browser-based Spell Check with Rapattoni MLS


The Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome®, Mozilla Firefox®, and Apple® Safari® browsers supported by the MLS all include built-in spell check features. To eliminate potential errors or conflicts with these browser-based spell check functions, the Rapattoni Spell Check icon was removed from the MLS the night of Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

Users can configure their browser-based spell check settings by following the steps listed below for the applicable browser.

Please note: To find suggested spellings, right-click on any red underlined misspelled word.



Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 10 on Windows® 7

By default, Internet Explorer® 10 is configured to automatically check spelling

1.     Open Internet Explorer® 10

2.     Go to Tools Manage add-ons

3.     Under Spelling Correction, "Enable spelling correction"

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 10 or Internet Explorer® 11 on Windows® 8

By default, Windows® 8 is configured to automatically check spelling

1.     Press the Windows Key + C

2.     On the Charms bar select Settings

3.     Select Change PC settings

4.     Select PC and devices

5.     Under Typing, “Autocorrect misspelled words” and “Highlight misspelled words”

Please note: This spell check feature is a function of the Windows® 8 operating system and not Internet Explorer®.

Google Chrome®

1.     Click the Chrome menu ff on the browser toolbar

2.     Select Settings

3.     Click Show advanced settings…

4.     In the "Languages" section, click Languages and input settings…

5.     In the Languages and Input dialog that appears, use the "Enable spell checking" check box to turn the spell checker on or off

Google Chrome® users can also allow Google’s web services spell checking technology to automatically check your spelling in web forms and text fields. To enable this feature, right-click inside the text field that you’re typing in and select Spell checker options > Ask Google for suggestions.

Mozilla Firefox®

By default, Firefox is configured to automatically check spelling. You can turn it off or on in the Options window.

1.     In the upper-left corner of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button and then select Options → Options

2.     Select the Advanced tab

3.     Click the General tab

4.     Select Check my spelling as I type

Apple® Safari®

By default, Safari® is configured to automatically check spelling. Apple® users can turn it off or on by control-clicking in any text field on a web page accessed in Safari®. Windows® users should right-click in any text field.

1.     Place your cursor in a text field on any open web page

2.     Right-click or control-click inside the text field

3.     Select Spelling and Grammar

4.     Check Spelling While Typing

Post Your Listings to Twitter & Facebook

To post your listings to Twitter and Facebook directly from the MLS, follow these directions:

  1. Go to the Listing Detail page for the Listing you want to post. Please note that only the Listing Agent can post links to Twitter and Facebook from the MLS.
  2. Click the twittersmall icon to post the listing to Twitter®. Click the fbpost small icon to post the listing to your personal Facebook® wall, or click the fbsend small icon to send the listing to another Facebook® user or group via private message.
  3. A new page will open. If you are already logged onto Twitter® or Facebook® on your computer, it will take you directly to the post editor. If you are not logged in, it will ask for your credentials.
  4. The public link for the listing, as well as a description as determined by your MLS, will be entered in the post editor. You can change the information you wish you include in your post manually, if desired.

Please Note: Due to conditions on the part of Facebook®, users cannot post listings to a business page.

Advertise Your Upcoming Open House


Open house information can be entered in the MLS and seen by agents and the public.

To advertise an open house for a listing

  1. From the Listings menu, choose View/Revise Your Listings.
  2. Next to the desired listing number, click the Revise icon .
  3. In the Revise Listing menu, under Listing Information, click Open House Dates.
  4. Enter the appropriate information and click the Savebutton in the MLS toolbar.

NOTE: The Open Houses button that is available to the public displays open houses scheduled within the next two weeks. 

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