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Rapattoni MLS Updates and New Features

Rapattoni MLS is introducing several new enhancements on Thursday, January 30, 2014.


Client Portal Searches and Additional Enhancements

The Client Portal has been updated with a clean and modern look. The "Save" and "Reject" options have been emphasized, agent branding displays more prominently, and additional changes have been made to improve the Client Portal's graphical user interface. 

Your clients can now create their own custom searches within the Client Portal. When one of your contacts creates a new Client Portal search, this information will be included in the Client Portal Activity Report. Note that this new search feature may be enabled or disabled for each individual contact, and it is enabled by default. 

It's also now possible for MLS users to customize the Client Portal invitation email subject line and message text, as well as the Client Portal/Auto-Prospecting Update Text. Communication with your clients is now easier than ever as new comments display prominently for both the agent and client, and email alerts are automatically sent to the other party when a new comment is entered by the agent or client. 

Finally, a new video tutorial has been created to guide both clients and agents through the Client Portal's new features, and it is available from within the Client Portal, the MLS, and Client Portal Invitation emails.


New "Find Comparables" Feature on Listing Detail

MLS users can now quickly search for comparable listings from any Listing Detail page with just one click of the 'Find Comparables' button. This powerful new feature automatically runs a radius search against the selected listing's address using default criteria adjustments which can be easily modified using the new Find Comparables Setup feature. The selected subject property will automatically be highlighted at the top of the results, and you can even run a CMA Package that will automatically pull the subject property's data.


New and Improved Picture Upload System

The new Picture Upload Tool allows the user to drag and drop multiple pictures for quick and easy uploading. The Picture Uploader opens in a new tab so you can multi-task in the MLS while your pictures upload. The number of pictures which may be uploaded at one time has been increased to support the maximum number allowed per listing on your MLS site. You can also crop, rotate and delete pictures with this intuitive picture upload tool.


Multiple Listing Carts for the Desktop and Mobile MLS

Multiple Carts are now here! You can create as many different Carts as you like as well as rename them and move listings between the Carts. New Carts created in either the desktop or mobile interface can be accessed from both versions of the MLS.


Mobile Enhancements

The Mobile interface has been enhanced with a field-centric search in addition to the existing map-centric searching capabilities. A new quick search has also been added to the Mobile interface, allowing users to search by Address, ZIP Code, or Listing Number, with an additional "Center Map" option and support for Recent Searches.




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