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October residential real estate sales continued along a positive trend. Residential sales were up 6 percent, with 280 homes sold, compared to 264 in October a year ago.

Condo sales for October jumped 19 percent with 62 units sold, compared to 52 for October 2012. Inventory has also increased 11 percent, with 389 new residential properties placed on the market, compared to 350 in October of last year.

October Stats Graphic 1

In addition, homes are selling faster, and at higher prices than last year. The average days on market dropped 35 percent, from 62 to 40 days. The average listing price for October was $237,210, up 5 percent from $224,895 in October 2012. Selling prices were up 7 percent at $232,299, compared to $216,465 a year ago.

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