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Information for Designated REALTORS®

Information for Designated REALTORS® is a document prepared for Designated REALTORS®, and contains the following information. 


Describes the purpose of the related e-mails the Board sends to Designated REALTORS® at Membership Dues renewal  

Page 2

Designated REALTORS® Responsibility/ The Dues Formula 

Summarizes the Designated REALTORS® dues obligation for membership 

Page 3

Bylaw Article X-Dues and Assessments, Section 2 

Details the Designated REALTORS® dues obligation for membership Page 4

Termination Follow-up 

Announces the new procedure the Board of Directors authorized to confirm all agent terminations 

Page 6
Licensee Certification Form

Designated REALTORS® use this form to notify the Board of the licensees assigned to their office (members and non-members)

Page 7


Information for Designated REALTORS®

Feel free to contact the Board if you need any additional information or assistance 734-761-7340.



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