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The Compensation is entered in the Compensation Code fields of BB (Buyer's Broker), SU (SubAgent), and/or TR (Transaction Coordinator).

Percentage (P): The first digit being the full percentage point and the second digit being the partial percentage (no decimal is used). The "P" represents percent.

• P30 (3% offered)

In the event there is a DUAL commission split the two digits would be followed by a letter code:

C = 100 (means above $100,000)

E = 200 (means above $200,000)

F = 300 (means above $300,000)

G = 400 (means above $400,000)

H = 500 (means above $500,000)

I = 600 (means above $600,000)

J = 700 (means above $700,000)

K = 800 (means above $800,000)

L = 900 (means above $900,000)

M = 1000 (means above $1,000,000)

• P35C25 (3.5% offered on the first 100K, 2.5% offered after $100,000)

Dollar (D): If a set dollar figure is offered instead of percentage, use the "D" to represent the dollar figure being offered as commission.

• D2000 ($2000 offered)

Bonus to Selling Broker:

When offering a selling bonus to a selling broker, the listing broker must specify the terms of the bonus offer according to the following guideline code: B dollar amount/terms/expiration date of offer (if applies)

• B1000/APT/010113 ($1000 Bonus on Accepted Price & Terms Offer Good until January 1, 2013)
• B1000/FPT/010113 ($1000 Bonus on Full Price & Terms Offer Good until January 1, 2013)

Bonus information may be placed in "Other" field.