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November Housing Market Saw Similar Trends to October

The trend in the Ann Arbor area housing market continues to be higher listing and sales prices for single family homes and condominiums, with fewer sales overall.

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Inventory and Sales Prices Continue to Rise

More new residential listings hit the market in October 2018, with a total of 420 new residential listings—a 9.9% increase from October 2017.

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Fewer Sales and More New Listings in September

September saw a rise in new residential listings, with a total of 472 new residential listings in 2018-a 3.5% increase from September 2017.

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Sales Dip Slightly in August, But Sales Prices are Still High

In August, the local market saw rising numbers of new listings and list and sales prices, but the number of residential sales dipped slightly.

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Sales Prices Continue to Rise with Lack of Inventory

The number of new listings and total residential sales continued to trend downward during the second quarter of the year, but average sales prices are still on the rise.

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