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Your RPAC Dollars Working For You

MI RPAC has saved both REALTORS® and homeowners thousands of dollars each year. From protecting private property rights, to fighting off burdensome regulation, RPAC continues to promote homeownership and real estate investment.  


  • A new law creating a flat filing fee for recording documents
  • A new law enacted that ensures all classes taken through the CE Marketplace are guaranteed to be audit proof
  • Defeated a bill to revise annexation requirements
  • A new law enacted clarifying the condo reversion process to allow for easier FHA lending
  • Defeated a bill that required statewide mandated septic inspections
  • A new law created that allows for easier investment in RPAC through dues billing
  • Protected against changes to the affidavit of affixtures form
  • Created a partnership between Michigan Realtors®, the Attorney General's office, and the Department of Licensing
    and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) in stepping up enforcement against unlicensed real estate activity
  • Defeated a proposal attempting to eliminate the appraiser position on the Michigan Tax Tribunal


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