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What You Need to Know About the Michigan Realtors® Issues Mobilization Fund

Over the last several years, The Issues Mobilization Fund (IMF) has evolved into one of the most versatile and important advocacy tools at your disposal.

The IMF has been utilized to:

  • Pass two statewide ballot proposals – notching victories to strengthen protections against eminent domain protection and eliminating the personal property tax.
  • The IMF has also been used to successfully fight against detrimental and overreaching local sign, septic, and rental ordinances that impact Realtors® day-to-day business.
  • Develop legislation to help the industry such as the Commercial Broker Lien Act (Public Act 201 of 2010) and the Agency Responsibility Act (Public Act 91 of 2008).
  • Successfully advocate for the election of two Realtor® members to the state legislature, and elect Realtor® champions to Michigan’s Supreme Court through independent expenditure campaigns.

Now that 2017 dues billing is beginning, you will notice an increase in your IMF assessment from the previous years’ $3, to $40. This increase was approved by the Michigan Realtors® Board of Directors and Delegate Body (a statewide committee made up of two representatives from each local association) to effectively address the growing advocacy threats to our industry. With an increasing number of threats to our industry and private property rights, current funding levels would have been significantly depleted by 2018.

Michigan Realtors® has developed materials to better explain the IMF and its past successes, including frequently asked questions, fund comparison chart, and infographic.

In addition, Michigan Realtors® now has a new Issues Mobilization Hotline to alert the state association of emerging issues affecting your business. The hotline number is 517-252-4549.

Learn more about the Issues Mobilization Fund.


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