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Affiliate of the Year

The Affiliate of the Year award is given to an affiliate member who provides significant contributions and outstanding service to the Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®. Recipients are nominated by their peers and elected by past award recipients.  

2016 Affiliate of the Year

Jeremy Shaffer
Ann Arbor State Bank

This year’s Affiliate of the Year, Jeremy Shaffer, has over a decade of experience with his company, Ann Arbor State Bank.

Throughout his banking career, he served several banks and mortgage companies, helping to enhance their mortgage portfolios and ability to service their customers. As the VP Residential Mortgage Loan Manager at his company, he is always willing to help with tough deals and tight deadlines, and happy to be a resource to answer questions for REALTORS® and their clients.

He is a long standing member of the Education Committee and has participated in many panel discussions and educational opportunities for the Board. He is a great supporter of the REALTOR® community and always promotes the value of working with REALTORS® to his prospective clients.

As a member of the American Legion and Marine Corps League, he also actively supports our veterans and current servicemen and women.



Who's Who of Past Affiliates of the Year

Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®
1988 - 2015


Year Name                                           Year Name                                                  Year Name
1988 Ken Collica 1998   2008 Cindy Reach
1989   1999 Thomas McLinden 2009 Jeff Fletcher
1990 Gary Selesko 2000 Scott Broshar 2010 Teresa Myers
1991 Patricia Suggitt 2001 Gary Selesko 2011 Christy Perros
1992 Bill Holmes 2002 Debra Ellison 2012 Kitty Rose
1993 Ira Mark 2003 Michael Hobercht 2013 William Smith
1994 Richard Stuber 2004 Thomas Richardson 2014 Sharon McRill
1995 Ron Fletcher 2005 Greg Ottaviani 2015 Constance Pearson-Ramirez
1996 Mary Wiseman 2006 Kristy Haborian    
1997 Marcia Major 2007 Nancy Burger    
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