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Warnings About Grant Deed Scam

The Department of Consumer Protection is warning consumers about businesses that are purporting to be selling copies of “grant deeds” to homeowners.

Consumers should be suspicious of any invoices or offers from businesses charging excessive fees for public records that can be easily and inexpensively obtained from a local municipal office. 



Homeowners across the country have received mail notices recommending that they obtain their deed for a fee between $50 to $100, if they do not already have the important document. Some notices include instructions for consumers to fax their credit card information, or to send a check in the provided return envelope. 

Addresses included in the notices are typically for UPS stores and post offices; no business office locations are provided.

These official-looking documents are not affiliated with any municipal, state or federal agency.

The Department of Consumer Protection advises consumers who receive such offers to not remit the requested payment for the grant deed. Anyone in need of property records may access property records at their Township Office, or in some cases, online at their municipality’s website.

Copies of records typically cost $1 per page and $2 for a certified record.

Source: TheWestonForum.com

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